Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Wednesday 9 December 2009 - Cascades and St Ives

Rob and Stephe went out for a cheeky morning ride, and it turns out there is a huge capacity for having a good ride around the Cascades and St Ives area.

Started out at Wyatt Avenue (the 'other' side from Morgan Road), then a quick loop at the top, and down the fire trail to the water, which was a hoot.  Then up to Mona Vale Road, on a long and hard climb, but nothing too bad.  Across Mona Vale Road, up to St Ives Showground, along parallel to the road, down the hill and back again.  Then into the Wildflower Garden area, down the hill and along the back to Kitchener Road.

We rode up Kitchener Road (the hardest bit of the ride!), down through St Ives to Acron Oval, and then down to the bottom creek again.  Rob wanted a quick detour so we climbed out to Davidson, then at the top retraced our steps back to the Cascades area, and then climbed out to where we started.

Until the last hill, Stephe was travelling relatively well, and - unfortunately - Rob travelled well the whole way...

Just over 30kms, lots of single track and interesting bits - was fun!

Quick photo of the route:

And the .kmz file is here.

And, Rob's stats from the ride are here.


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