Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Wednesday 2 September 2009 - Hunters Hill

A good ride on a beautiful day...

Having managed to kick off the day's other activities early, to allow for a quick ride in the middle (before getting noses back to the grindstone!), Chris and Stephe escaped for a short, sharp ride. We left from Middle Cove, down to Lane Cove, along the river, across the M2, up to Hunters Hill (with a quick detour into Joeys to say G'day), then stopped for a short coffee / donut. Then back up Burns Bay Road, down behind the industrial parks and back along the river to the golf course and Chatswood. Where Chris' tyre blew out and we discovered just how shredded it had become...

[note to others: walking all the NPWS areas, of course]

Generally, it was fun, although Chris may have a slightly different take on it... But, good for clearing the cobwebs and making for a more productive latter part of the day.

No photos (the more amusing of which would be censored by Chris anyway, given that occasionally he was upside down), but the tracks are here - part 1 (to Hunters Hill, 16.5kms) and part 2 (the return journey, 10kms).


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