Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Tuesday 21 July 2009 - Old Great North Road - Short

Taking advantage of the school holidays, and yet another beautiful winter's day, Sue, Cooper, Ethan and Stephe travelled to the Old Great North Road. We came in from the 'alternative' Mangrove Mountain access, rather than the pumping station - so we had a very big hill to start (down) and finish on (up!!!).

The plan was to do Simpson's Track, then OGNR to Ten Mile Hollow, then up to Clare's Bridge, then down Donny's Track back to the start (except for that jolly climb to actually finish).

And, the plan worked out beautifully.

The boys were looking cute, and we saw the sights along the way:

Check out the profile here:

The rest of the photos (such as they are) are here, and the .kmz GPS route is here.


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