Monday 8 June 2009

Monday 8 June 2009 - Sparrow Hill (Canberra)

The long weekend continued its run of surprises, as Brian, Gabbie, Joe, Gus and Hugo joined Sue, Stephe, Cooper and Ethan for an investigation of Sparrow Hill.

Although we were not too sure exactly where to go, it became clear as we approached the twenty or so parked mountain bike carrying cars, that we were in the right place. After some kerfuffle with lost skewer bits, we managed to get underway.

And what a delight underway turned out to be... a lightly overcast Canberra day was perfect for disappearing under the canopy of the pine forests. We navigated on to the rim track, and stuck with it for around 25 km or so. A simple and enjoyable track, which clearly offered many more challenges, or was happy just being enjoyed the way it was.

Another one to definitely return to!

CORC's map of the area (.pdf format, 400kb) is here.


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