Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sunday 5 April 2009 - Mooney (reprise)

Figured, given how good Mooney was looking the week before, that we should reprise our visit - so Doug, Brian, Akis and Stephe went back for another look. Of course, Mooney being Mooney, the rain in the intervening week had completely changed the place, so that the challenging but "do-able" rocks were now all much less "do-able".

Nonetheless, Brian demonstrated that fitness is a very good thing to possess, even without much time on a mountain bike in between times - demonstrating clearly that "he still has it"! Undone, to some small extent (but frustrating for him, I'm afraid), by the fact that his bike needs perhaps a little more TLC before setting out on the next ride... (and, no, Brian, we're not going to put anything up on the website about the dummy spit - indeed, not even make a passing reference to it).

Akis looked stylish, as ever; and Doug continued the long tradition of smooth riding and dangerously fast descents...

A mere 18 kilometres, but challenging - and the profile, as ever, looks good:

Some other snaps along the way:

Some elegant, some not so elegant...

All the photos, including some embarrassing videos, are up here (ah, 'tis great to have Doug the photographer back!).  The GPS track is here.


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