Sunday, 15 February 2009

Sunday 15 February 2009 - Kincumber

Chris and Stephe were trapped in Gosford on a very wet weekend, and found a break on Sunday morning for a quick ride - it looked like Kincumber was the go, but neither had the foggiest idea where it actually was... Eventually found it - managed to mangle through a BB browser to the NobMob website, and get enough info to feed an address into Google Maps on the phone - with a bit of gps work, bob was our uncle!

The day started out wet, and stayed that way - bucketing down almost the whole ride. This was, of course, much good for general fun and getting dirty, but was not too good for navigation of a new location, or for having to deal with mud in the contact lenses...

While it was fun, it's not at all clear why anyone would go to Kincumber. It seemed to be all fire trail up, and moderate to average sniggle down occasionally (barely worth the ups), and there were a lot of places where it seemed the only down was on the fire trail. So it was just up and down a rocky fire trail. That said, we finished on what could clearly be a very good fun downhill sniggle / dh track, so there was obviously fun to be had in the place...

All in all, we had a good time plonking about in the rain, got some great exercise, and got really dirty - but nothing that would make us rush back - were we missing something?


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