Sunday, 14 December 2008

Sunday 14 December 2008 - Appin

Paul and Stephe managed to do three decent laps of Appin this morning, in perfect weather (light cloud cover, a bit of wind (but not once you were on the single track), and not too hot at all).

As always, Paul started out strong, and stayed that way - Stephe warmed up slowly, had a solid middle lap, and then faded quickly on the last lap. Looks like four laps is still a while off for some of us!

Paul's significant speed in all the downhill sections was a sight to behold (well, at least for the limited period before he disappeared into the distance!), but it did mean that he managed to come a cropper twice with a front wheel washout, and once just hanging around waiting for Stephe to catch up... Ugly knee damage resulting unfortunately, although it didn't stop him from making the third lap (in the same skilled style).

On the second lap Stephe's attempt at a rock climb came unstuck, and the classic fall from a great height resulted. Sighs of relief when it became clear that the pointed stick on which he fell was fairly rotten, so rather than puncture his shoulder it just managed a scrape and a bit of bruising...

All in all, not too bad an outcome for a great morning's entertainment.

Limited photos below, and here on the site (caution, gratuitous man boob!)


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