Sunday, 28 September 2008

Sunday 28 September 2008 - Appin

And again - another magnificent spring day - just how good is this weather for mountain biking, eh!

Johnbo and T-Bone were both last minute scratchings, with not good medical conditions - although prognosis looks good for both. That left Donal, Phil, Cassie, Daniel and Stephe to meet up just near the pub at Appin at around 7.30am.

Daniel led us out on the first lap, as we checked out the general lay of the land. The course was quite entertaining - still not same as venturing out into the wilds of Mooney or OGNR or Coba Point, but still a good flowing track, with enough technical stuff to keep laps interesting and areas where a bit of speed could be had, if accompanied by an appropriate amount of skill!

We only managed one more lap before time got the better of us - but it's clear that you could spend a fair bit of time on the course, improving and having fun.

Well worth the visit, and will be the destination for future rides I am sure.

Only two photos (from Phil's mobile phone, no less), looking at the drop into the wooden bridge, and then some very attractive flowers along the way.


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