Sunday 7 September 2008

Sunday 7 September 2008 - Ourimbah

After much rain on Friday and Saturday, Sunday dawned clear and beautiful.

As a Father's Day treat, Cooper deigned to offer to ride with Stephe, and off they went to Ourimbah. It was fun... There was still a lot of water about, so much slipping on the downhill sections, and much splashing (which was funny, as Cooper sought to avoid getting his feet wet, leading to great bike instability (and ultimately very wet feet!).

There were a few walkers around, and a couple of folk doing the downhill section (with much howling and laughter), but only one other pair of dudes on the cross country track - so we effectively had the place to ourselves.

The first lap was a good "get to know the place" circuit, followed by a more serious effort (albeit with stops along the way to witness Cooper taking on the 'technical' bits!).

With Cooper a wee bit tired, we pulled the pin on a third lap, and called it a day.

[took a long time to clean the bikes, but it was fun]

The full set of photos (such as they are) are up here, including three short Cooper videos "not good", "better" and "best"!


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