Sunday 3 August 2008

Sunday 3 August 2008 - Yellowmundee (Yarramundi)

Paul, Donal and Stephe meandered out to Yellowmundee (which we have always previously called Yarramundi - ah, it's all very confusing, although we might have now worked out that the recreation park is Yellowmundee and the place is Yarramundi...).

Donal and Stephe managed to get a little lost on the way, but spotted a couple of dudes with bikes strapped to the cars and then Paul - so, following the crowd, we managed to arrive around 7.30am.

Unfortunately, it turned out that the reason there were other dudes with bikes was because we had managed to turn up on a race day!

After a good conversation with a single speed prospective competitor (and a jolly nice chap, who gave us the skinny on the days proceedings, and also suggested that we sign up), we did a lap around to check out the circuit, and got back in plenty of time to do a second. We set off for the second, managed to do a slightly better pace - although Donal did an even better time, breaking away from us, not to be seen again until we were back at the cars!

With the race about to start, and brownie points to be gained by an early return - we called it a day, and were at least happy to have put a few kilometres under the tires...

[again, no photos - soon, Doug will be back at with us and the world will once more be at peace!]


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