Saturday, 2 August 2008

Saturday 2 August 2008 - Manly Dam

Paul, Rob (who took time out of his busy life as the owner of Sydney's best Pizza restaurant(!)), T-Bone (at very late notice) and Stephe had a very pleasant Saturday afternoon blast around the dam.

Started off at the Hydraulics Lab, had some fun on the way up and then once we'd hit the top, we had a quick meander over on the Bantry Bay side (avoiding anything that might make the NPWS cranky folk any more cranky).

Stephe couldn't manage a second lap, and unfortunately had to drag T-Bone away with him, but Paul and Rob went around again, and had even more fun.

The top section of the drop back down to the Hydraulics Lab is still out of action (excellent that the Council has got funding to fix that section tho' - looking forward to riding it...).

No pix, but it was still fun!


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