Saturday 26 April 2008

Saturday 26 April 2008 - The Oaks Trail

It was supposed to be the end of the big wet in Sydney, but lots of the usual suspects were caught up one way or t'other, so we arranged a little persons ride!

Brian, Gabbie, Joe, Hugo and Gus joined Sue, Stephe, Cooper and Ethan for what turned out to be a great adventure along the now famous Oaks Trail - leaving Middle Cove in the late morning, just in time for the slightly late train at Glenbrook (whew!), up to Woodford and then on to the track.

The photo below snapped half way along the fire trail shows: Ethan, Sue, Gus, Stephe, Gabbie, Joe, Cooper, Brian, Hugo.

It was perhaps not the fastest trip along The Oaks, but it was a goodie - with lots of tired folk at the far end, particularly when they discovered that the ford at the bottom was merely the beginning of the long ride back up to the cars. But the quality of the last section of single track left a few happy memories to help the climb.

That said, everyone was feeling pretty justified at having big smoothies, nachos and dessert at the Bluetongue Cafe at Glenbrook by the time we finally got there...

Another great mountain bike ride!


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