Saturday 23 February 2008

Saturday 23 February 2008 - Oxford Falls

Our continued run of poor planning leading to piss poor perfomance continues...

After a range of stuff ups (including late night 'texting while under the influence' withdrawals - you know who you are!), Donal and Stephe abandoned an early morning Menai plan, and went with a midday Oxford Falls ride.

Unfortunately, beautiful though the weather was, the Gods were not on our side. We started with a meander down the Lizard Rock side of the road from Morgan Road, across to the fire trail and up the single track - which had us almost warmed up, when Donal had what could best be described as a catastrophic chain ring failure. We struggled up the balance of the single track, made it to the fire trail in from the top of Morgan Road and called it a day...

Ah well. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good. At least we got out for an hour and worked up a sweat!


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