Saturday 16 February 2008

Saturday 16 February 2008 - Two Creeks Track

Much confusion followed the novel introduction of a Saturday ride (we got at least four confirmations from folk who then slowly worked out it was a Saturday and not a Sunday, and then pulled the pin - slackers the lot of you!).

In any case, Brian, Phil and Stephe set off from Middle Cove at the leisurely time of 7.30am (ah, the luxury) - wandered down the roads to Tryon Road tennis courts (via Whisperer's place to grab a glove!), and then along the Two Creeks Track, to Roseville Bridge, and then the track along the water to the fire trail at the top of Bantry Bay.

Unfortunately, we then realised that we had taken just a little too leisurely an approach, and with impending domestic deadlines, made a bee line for the road and raced back home.

Everyone safe and sound, brownie points intact - and a great and enjoyable ride under the belt, to boot! Loved it. Should be more of 'em.

Waiting for Doug's return for a proper 'album' of the photos, but here's some samples.

A couple of shots at the climb under the Roseville Bridge (yes, we know it looks easy - it's just that we can't do it, eh!):

And a couple of bits of "hike a bike", but fun nonetheless!

And, finally, for amusement this very short video demonstrating Brian's special skills, and this one, demonstrating Phil's continuing elegance... (they'll take a while to load - and, of course, the really good bits weren't captured!).

All photos etc are here.


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