Monday, 4 February 2008

Sunday 3 February 2008 - Redhill / Oxford Falls loop

Ride report from Whisperer (with an initial reference to the very sound decision to call off the ride because there was more rain than any sane human being could possibly deal with(!) (yes, we all regret it)):

On another note, I got your ‘wimpy’ text yesterday morning, but when I got up at 5.50, the sky was clearing and patches of blue were appearing.

So, on the basis that I was going to be busy in the afternoon, and there may have been another hardy soul that may have turned up, I went on down to sport and rec. No such luck, so did a solo loop. Was wet, but draining surprisingly well for Red Hill & back-of-the-aerodrome.

Main issue was the wet foliage, so I was wet for most of the ride, but not really a problem given it was warm. Met up with a guy at the Deep Creek waterfall; and he rode with me out to the road.

Google Earth route image, courtesy of Whisperer's brand new GPS (Garmin Edge 305 with heart rate monitor).


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