Sunday 21 October 2007

Sunday 21 October 2007 - Redhill / Oxford Falls / Redhill

Another excellent run around Redhill and Oxford falls.

Unfortunately, with Doug in France, no group photo, no gps, no album yet - etc [Update: the limited photos we had are now up]. However, at least Matt, Richard, Ed, Brian and Stephe managed to get out and about and have some fun (after the customary excuses early about who had had the least sleep, etc!).

We left Sport & Rec at 6.55am (waiting, of course, for Ed to finally show), and headed straight up the big climb. A quick drop down Red Rock for the silly ones amongst us (no prizes for recognising Matt as a key participant in that group), and then off to Whisperer's Single Track to link up to the top of the Redhill technical section.

Grabbed a couple of shots at the dip along the sniggle -with varying degrees of success on display (!) - Matt, Brian, Richard, Ed and Brian:

We then moved on to the Redhill technical section, which was amusing as always - and again, little bits of silliness inserted in an otherwise entertaining roll down the hill... First Ed's first shot at a decent rock on the new bike:

And then Matt, demonstrating that we can never leave the straight roll down alone any more... (!):

The day warmed up, we scooted across the causeway and up the single track to the firetrail at Oxford Falls and had a quick bite to eat (bumping into a couple of happy looking chappies on the way up)... then on to the XC track (yee ha), out the Road to Nowhere / Somewhere, and down the northern drop into Deep Creek (less fun than its sister run just parallel to it).

Lots of fun then had along Deep Creek, and Brian and Ed led the high speed drag back along Wakehurst Parkway to the cars (why we had a high speed drag in blazing heat on the tarmac, I still do not know...).

Ah, there's nothing quite like a decent mountain bike ride (vastly better, for example, than the road ride to Kurnell and back the day before!).

Photos up here...


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