Sunday, 7 October 2007

Sunday 7 October 2007 - Middle Cove - Manly Dam - Middle Cove

A great ride, on a day made for mountain bike riding - but with everyone else out and about only John and Stephe managed to make it...

From Middle Cove down to Tryon Road, along Two Creeks Track, across Roseville Bridge, along the single track at the edge of the water (with some entertaining drops, and a few 'hike a bike' sections along the way), back up past the Retirement Home at Forestville, past the Scout Hall, around the loops to Wakehurst Parkway and to the top of Manly Dam. Lots of riders out enjoying the sunshine (and, perhaps, a quick glimpse of Graham Maslen - who once joined us a long time ago...).

Bumped into Matt doing his duty with Nicole McVicar on a Manly Dam trail day (what a good bloke), and then did a lap of Manly Dam and went back the same way.

A good fun blast!


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