Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Sunday 2 September 2007 - Menai

Folks --

A superb return to Menai, with much entertainment, despite our best guide being Stephe, with only a very cursory idea of what was going on at any one point...

Matt, Brian, Paul and Stephe were joined by Chris G. and Marc (welcome!), and set off from the end of Old Illawarra Road at around 7.15am. With announced time constraints from a couple of folk that needed to be home, we wrapped it up and were back at the cars by 10.15am.

[Chris, Matt, Brian, Stephe, Paul, and Mark]


The ride showcased some of the best that Menai had to offer, and - given the short time frame - we managed to avoid some of the more boring bits that are necessary when seeking to cover more ground in the area.

Chris demonstrated early fitness and skill (most annoying!), and Marc also seemed set to show us up, but for a great over the bars effort on the first downhill section, which slowed him down for the next 30 minutes or so! Paul continued to cite a lack of fitness for his desire to rest on most arduous sections, just so he could power through on anything technical, Matt was off his game early, but made up for later in the session, and Brian and Stephe tried hard to be good participants....

Highlights included some great work from everyone on downhill sections, Chris 'making' Matt and Stephe meander along some dangerous 'north shore' ramps, the general quality of the day and the track, and the blast on the last section home (where Chris and Matt whomped everyone else in sight (or, not in sight, as the case may be) - Brian was held up by Stephe on the finishing blast, and may have been a contender for the home coming title otherwise...

Menai - what a great track!

Photos courtesy of Mark are here...


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