Sunday, 26 August 2007

Sunday 26 August 2007 - Lane Cove meander

Matt, John, Brian and Stephe set out from Middle Cove, through Chatswood and down to Lane Cove National Park, to meet with Jeremy, Paul and Mark "The Professor" for a short, local ride around the Lane Cove River...

It was a fantastic day for the mountain bike season to resume - perfect conditions, and the tracks were pretty well all ok, with only limited sections a little "squidgy" (to quote the professor). The warm up along the road section was useful, but by the time we'd gotten the team together and riding, was pretty well a memory...

Once we got underway, it was straight into single track, with everyone pretty well warmed up by the time we hit the first climb (now a section of stairs). Limited success, but it was clear that we were back having fun.

Matt was having a pretty good day, until he dropped the bike near the back end of the ride (he argues that it was just a slippery wooden bridge, but I reckon there's a fair bet he was in the middle of an embarrassing stunt...). Speaking of which, Stephe's attempt to pull a wheelie left him backwards over the wheel on his bum, which was the cause of some merriment.

Most of the rest of the ride was just quality riding, some great technical work, and a few sections of open riding. The occasional transition stage on bitumen was no dampener on a great local ride.

Yee ha, it's good to be back...


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