Sunday, 30 September 2007

Sunday 30 September 2007 - OGNR

Fantastic. Superb. Excellent. A great day's riding, with excellent company. Hard to argue with really.

Doug, Matt, Whisperer and Stephe set out a little after 6.32am, and arrived at the Mangrove Mountain pumping station around 8 (well, Doug and Stephe a little later, having done the scenic route!). Got our act together and set off - sky blue, sun shining, birds calling. Glorious.

The climb was a beauty, as always - and we were well warm by the time we met up with about 1000 campers at Ten Mile Hollow. We then met a fellow rider on the climb up from Ten Mile Hollow, but he went down the Western Commission Track as we went along the ridge line. A few other riders out and about, and three or four sets of walkers.

Matt and Doug were feeling a little off colour, and Stephe had a plane to catch, so we skipped Spiders and had a bite to eat at the lookout along Finches Line.

The ride back was slow enough for Stephe to remain in touch with the group, and generally fantabulous.

Saw a couple of black snakes (gorgeous). And generally had a great time.

The profile continues to be a classic!

Photos now up (here), including a couple of (silly and relatively pointless) videos...


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