Sunday, 6 April 2008

Sunday 6 April 2008 - Morgan Road / Garrigal tour

Ah, has been a long time between drinks, with nothing but an occasional Manly Dam lap to sustain us...

Donal, Whisperer and Stephe met up at Morgan Road, at around 3pm Sunday afternoon.

Headed off up the road to cross Forest Way, and then along the fire trail at the top of the ridge from the power substation. We then cruised around the little sniggle loop, and dropped down the single track to the Cascades. Much fun was had - lots of interesting little technical bits (up and down) along the way. Even the long grind back out from the bottom of the valley up the firetrail to the power substation seemed to be a good thing (perfect conditions - blue sky, not hot but sunny, a light breeze in the air, and even some urban bird twittering!).

The cruise back to Morgan Road was a blast (having managed to get past the abundance of horses at the top of the Garrigal fire road), and we figured we should head down the powerline fire trail and check out Little Moab (or Moonrock?, I can never remember - in any case, the little track off the fire trail to the right at the top of the road just past the turn off down the hill to the model plan aerodrome). Only, we couldn't - there's a big National Parks sign saying "bugger off losers, aboriginal site here", or words to that effect - which puts paid to that long argument around whether or not the sites (which we always studiously avoided anyway) were in fact genuine, or really from the late 1950s...

In any case, we then did a quick loop of the cross country track (again, avoiding any possible impact on any aboriginal sites along the way), and headed home.

Tragically tired (given that it was such a short ride), but very happy....


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