Friday, 25 April 2008

Friday, 25 April 2008 - Garrigal / Cascades

A late call by Donal, but we managed to get a few folk along, for what turned out to be a very cool ride indeed...

Donal, Phil, and their mate "Scots Doug" were joined by T-Bone, Brian and Stephe (Brian back after a long absence running, and T-Bone back after a long absence of being slack!) Photo below shows T-Bone, Stephe, Donal, Phil, Brian and Scots Doug.

It was pouring down at 4am, but by 6.30am all was right with the world, and we didn't get any rain until we were safely back in the cars at the end of the ride.

Headed off past the electricity substation, wandered about the little single tracks here and there and had some fun on each of the diversionary technical sections (with Scots Doug not used to the mountain bike and doing lots of walking, but no whingeing!).

We crossed over the creek / river? / ford - with some amusing diversions while T-Bone went for a swim...

... then climbed to Acron Oval, St Ives - and then figured out that we were running late, so hooned off down Douglas Street, back to Cascades, climbed the big hill to the sub-station, and jumped into the cars just as the rain arrived.

It was great!

Photos are up here, and there's a very brief video of Phil not quite looking stylish... (!)


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