Sunday, 4 May 2008

Sunday 4 April 2008 - Menai

On a beautiful autumn Sunday in Sydney, and despite the absence of a bunch of heroes off at the Dirtworks, a couple of us managed to have a quick scoot around Menai.

Both Paul and Brian were non-starters, given their inability to get to the start point by 1pm - which turned out to be a bit of a bummer, as we didn't ultimately manage to get underway until nearer 2pm.

In any case, Johnbo, Matt, NicMcVic and Stephe all managed to have quite a good time toodling around Menai, including finding an entirely new area of jumps and ramps and the like, with assorted 13 year olds all over it (and one of their mums!). After venturing about in the hills and valleys, we attempted a novel exit approach from the main 'bowl', which involved riding up a ridge on to a well established area of playing fields, which meant a bit of road before the last ditch thrash back to the cars.

A very pleasant Sunday afternoon meander...

Google map snapshots from Johnbo, but we haven't yet worked out how to get the underlying .gpx file... (working on it!).


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