Sunday 6 July 2008

Sunday 6 July 2008 - Two Creeks / Manly Dam

Quick change of pace from the planned Hunters Hill ride, and we managed to have Whisperer join T-Bone and Stephe for a quick jaunt from Middle Cove, to Tryon Road, Lindfield, to Roseville Bridge, along the track to Cook Street (with a bit of a road diversion), through Bantry Bay to Manly Dam... Around 35kms all up - not too bad for a Sunday morning.

The sun was shining and the tracks were great.

We also managed to quickly swap out the old and battered Race Face crank for a new Shimano one on Stephe's bike at 6.45am before the ride (the Bike Whisperer again lives up to his reputation) - which made the ride all the more enjoyable.

T-Bone was feeling strong (lots of fancy sounding exercises and 'supplements' keeping him in peak condition), and Whisperer was - as always - in perfect condition. Indeed, only let down by Stephe being sad, fat and slow...

Two Creeks was relatively uneventful - the rocky climb is no longer a challenge, given that it's blocked off, and there's a bit of a hike-a-bike, but it was a good cruise to warm up along. The ride along beside Middle Harbour / Roseville Bridge area was great - no trees down, and a good constant pace, with much enjoyment. Rather than hiking up behind the houses, we ducked out on to the road for a brief section, coming back in at Cook Street, Forestville and heading over to the Dam. All good, and ready for a good lap of the Dam.

Whisperer was kidnapped to repair various bike debacles along the way (giving Stephe necessary breathing time), but all in all a good solid run. There were about 12 million people out at the dam, and every one of them having fun...

With time ticking away, and fitness levels (for some!) being tested, we wussed the return leg along the roads to Forestville, and then back down the bridge to home.

Ah, it's all coming back (albeit slowly!).

Whisperer's trail motionbased plot is here.

[this link has the album collection (which is nothing more than those above!)]


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