Saturday, 27 September 2008

Saturday 27 September - Ourimbah

It was yet another beautiful spring day in Sydney, as Sue, Cooper and Stephe ventured north to Ourimbah to meet with Aimee and Dan, and about twenty other folk, to get tips on how to do a lap from "Brendo" of Bikeworx fame...

The course was in great nick, and after some introductory comments we were off. It wasn't long before it became clear that Brendo wasn't going to be able to provide much in the way of individual learning to the large group, and we broke away from the group to meander along the track ourselves.

Unfortunately, just before the start the assembled masses had convinced Sue not to change the spd pedals for bear traps, and pretty soon she was getting worried in them - driving confidence and fun levels downward very quickly indeed, until about half way through a lap she retired back to the car. That left Cooper and Stephe well behind Aimee and Dan by this time, but Cooper finished the first lap like a champion.

Aimee and Dan were well into their second lap by that stage (by all accounts, they loved Ourimbah!), but Cooper, Sue and Stephe took the opportunity to meekly retire.


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