Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sunday 29 March 2009 - Mooney

Ah, Mooney - how we love ya! Just NicMcVic and Stephe for a late morning visit.

We have never seen conditions quite as perfect for Mooney - it was cool, but sunny, dry but with the creek flowing, and just generally really pleasant all 'round.

The rock sections and climbs were challenging, as ever, and Nicole discovered that the best preparation for such an effort does *not* involve limited sleep, poor diet, significant stress and multiple tick bites... Despite these challenges we managed a very enjoyable 15kms or so, at a relaxed pace, checking out the scenery, saying hi to the group of walkers jumping off the ledge at the big rock crossing on the creek, and generally having a nice time.

One of Nicole's photos of the environment (all photos (such as they are!) are here), and a snapshot of the route (with the original .kmz file here), are below:


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