Sunday 8 March 2009

Sunday 8 March 2009 - Coba Pt (Marramarra National Park)

As part of the ongoing mix up which is Sundays and children, and general SUAR / MTB community laxness (!) a couple of people pulled the pin the night before, and Nick wins the award for the 'latest pulling of a pin', with a call to ask where he was finding that he was stuck at home with no babysitter, and no contact details... Ah me, oh my.

At least Tim had some more of his 'introduction to Sydney rides' activities enhanced, and was joined by Stephe at Coba Point on a cool and cloudy Sunday afternoon. After some basic bike maintenance, and a discovery that yet another bike didn't quite fit him, Tim was up and ready for a ride. Off to the top of Smuggler's Ridge, and then back to the cars, and out the out and back section.

All good, although with *lots* of erosion and sand on the track (thank goodness it was damp, or the sand would have been a nightmare). Back before dinner time and the world was at peace (with only a few minor scratches and strains keeping Tim up at night).


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