Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sunday 7 June 2009 - Stromlo (CORC Social Ride)

Cooper and Stephe turned up to meet the nice folk from the Canberra Off Road Club, who were nice enough to show us around some of the lower level cross country tracks at Stromlo.

We both had a chance to do our first ever see-saw, followed by a couple of subsequent attempts, together with a very cool ride back down including a decent berm... the joys of novelty, eh! We also had the pleasure of the company of a dozen or so locals, all of whom were very nice to us, and ended up in the middle of a time trial for some women from the Institute of Sport, each of whom was very impressive.

Despite being a fairly desolate place, seems clear that it will be worth exploring much further in future - in particular, climbing the hill and doing the berm track back down. And the fact that the car park can have quite a few cars in it, but still not see too many folk on the tracks can only be a good sign of much goodness spread around.

Our not overly ambitious (13km in two hours, but there was *lots* of talking...) track (.kmz) is here.


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