Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sunday 3 May 2009 - Menai

A perfect day (albeit one that started out cold!), for what was intended to be a short ride around Menai, and then on to the basketball - Chris, Cooper and Stephe:

Track in good condition, although the motorbikes had churned a fair bit of it up recently - making many of the more challenging sections even more difficult. As some sort of karmic equaliser, we did see a couple of broken down trail bikes out there today - so perhaps the God of Mountain Biking is looking down and keeping things a bit more even!

Fair to say that the place was looking great, as ever:

Chris hadn't ridden for a while, and decided to push a few of the technical bits - leading to a little bit of skin scraping and the like - but it appeared as though he was having fun... Cooper was pretty happy until a bit over half way, when he discovered that the promised one hour ride had already covered that, and we were at the most remote point at that stage!

Unfortunately, things got worse as Stephe took a wrong turn on what was intended to be a short sharp run home - and we ended up meandering around a bit longer than anticipated.

That said, it was just a 15km dash in all, but much fun - as always.

The photos, such as they are, are up here.


At Tuesday, 05 May, 2009, Blogger Gav said...

Hi Stephe, Thanks for helping out a fellow biker on the trails. That spare inner tube saved my life. Other wise it would have been a long lonely sad walk back to the car. Gav


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