Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Wednesday 19 August 2009 - Terrey Hills - Waratah Track

Donal, Chris and Stephe managed to wrap up a hard day's work with a quick blast out at Terrey Hills...

We headed out of the shops, and down the single track that starts off the edge of Mona Vale Road, to join up with Duckholes Track. From there up the road out to West Head, to the Waratah Track, which Chris and Stephe hadn't been on before.

Donal managed to provoke the mountain bike gods by thinking how well he was riding, and was spat off in the most unlikely of places - leading to some attractive grazes (ooops).

Some entertaining pinch climbs along the way, and then out to the 'lookout' at the end for some fabulous views, with a whole heap of very gorgeous flowers out looking great (what a cool time of year this is!).

There was even time for some childish photos, before a hurried return back along the Waratah track, down the road, and up Centre Track and along the road back to the shops...

Another great short and sweet ride!

The full set of photos, albeit limited, are up here.


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