Sunday 6 September 2009

Sunday 6 September 2009 - Menai

Abandoned callously by the regular crew, Stephe was fortunate enough to be joined by Bob for a short, sharp Menai ride.

It was (after some technical trouble at the outset with Stephe's front wheel!) a blast.

Unfortunately, it turned out that Bob is a very capable rider, which meant that there were few opportunities for sitting back, relaxing and pretending not to be having a shortness of breath induced heart attack. But that did make it much fun... No photos (for the same reasons). We do need Doug back...

Standard Menai lap (the gps plot (.kmz here) credits us with quite a few more kilometres travelled than actually was the case), but it was a glorious day, and track was a bit torn up by dirt bikes, but still fantastic fun.

Was good. Life good. Home by 10.30am (indeed, I think we beat the sad road boys home!).


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