Sunday 13 September 2009

Sunday 13 September 2009 - Appin

At Paul's urging, we decided to revisit Appin, and it was a great day to do so!

Chris, Hamish and Stephe met Paul at Appin at around 7.30am - it was already getting warm, but not too bad, and the sky was a beautiful blue colour.

Chris started with the entertaining stretching exercises for which he is rapidly becoming famous, but proved what a good idea they are by 'getting on with it' when he jumped on the bike shortly afterwards.

Hamish, on his first ride out with us and one of his first off road, looked every bit a road bike rider, but performed with admirable skill and confidence on the day - a few tentative moments, followed on the second lap with a few more aggressive moments, followed by a (some might say inevitable) OTB incident (no photos I'm afraid - and fortunately, just a bit sore and sorry, and nothing more serious).

Chris meanwhile was aggressively chasing Paul around the loop until the second lap, when he discovered he had lost a screw from the cleat on one shoe - so we missed him for the balance of the lap. Paul, of course, remained on fire, as always...

A great morning for a (relatively short - 18kms) ride, and an excellent start to the day (even if we weren't back to Middle Cove until 11am...).

Full set of photos (missing Doug's skill and care) are up here, and the .kmz gps plot of the track is here.


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