Sunday 6 December 2009

Sunday 6 December 2009 - Ourimbah

Cooper and Stephe were very fortunate to have the company of NicMcVic and Helena for a couple of laps of Ourimbah, on what was a sparklingly good mountain bike riding day...

It was just grand being out on a bike at all, and the conditions made it even more so (weather, track, company - even the bikes were behaving!).

Helena appeared to be having far too much fun (training for a long road ride appears to have got her in a 'good place' mountain bike wise...), and enjoyed the famous A-Line:

Some other fooling about from Cooper before we set off:

No Doug, so photos are rubbish, but they're here for amusement. And the .kmz log of the track (two laps only) is here.


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