Sunday 20 September 2009

Sunday 20 September 2009 - Mooney (short)

It was one of those days... beautiful, excellent mountain biking weather, bikes in perfect condition and filled with much promise.

But, by the time Doug and Stephe had made it to the water towers, we were each more than satisfied to call it a day and head back on home.

Not sure why (and, as the photos prove, it was beautiful out there), but - for example - having started off feeling strong, and with a clear and dry track both Doug and Stephe had made a couple of dabs barely one third of the way through the climb from the dam to the top.  After that, it was a case of seeing if it was possible just to do a 100m or more without a dab.

Ah well, the fact that Mooney is a cruel task master is nothing new to us I suppose - one for a reprise when we're feeling stronger.

The gps plot (.kmz) is here (less than 20kms in almost three hours, hmmmmm), and the limited photos are here.


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