Sunday 29 October 2006

Sunday 29 October 2006 - Bulli

[ed: waiting for a ride report from these slackers is as pointless as... (insert something really pointless here). Looks like Rees, T-Bone and Doug managed to get out for a ride to Bulli, although they missed the downhill run with all the 'hucks'??? ]

T-Bone's comments:

Rees was right...

On our ride at Brokers [ed: assume he means Bulli?] on Sunday there was all these pink pieces of tape around the trees. He said "why dont we follow the pink ribbons?"

I just found out it's a new DH track that runs right from the top of the mountain. Apparently there are some hucks that are 8 foot tall! I won't be doing those but the track is meant to be a really good ride. We rode sections of the new track but it starts on the opposite side of the mountain. I'll try to find someone with a GPS.

Photos here, including a number of videos..., and here are a couple of samples:

Doug, Rees, T-Bone:

Action shots (!):

Sunday 22 October 2006

Sunday 22 October 2006 - Forestville and Manly Dam

[ed: awaiting a ride report from someone - why can't these boys write, eh?!]

Looks like they took a stroll from the Retirement Home in Roseville, across to Manly Dam, did a lap and came home.

Everyone apparently had a spill, including a Brian slip on the boardwalk at the back of Manly which caused him much sadness, and a very bruised hip. Haven't heard what Rees thought...

The photos and tracks are here, and this is a quick shot of the boys (Rees, Brian, and Doug (why does Doug always stand like that for photos?):

Sunday 15 October 2006

Sunday 15 October 2006 - Mooney

[ed: awaiting a ride report from Brian - some excerpts below from the email while we're waiting!]

From Doug:

so joe didn't make it

richard broke a chain, I broke a derailleur cable and crashed and bled, brian bent a hanger

it was one of those days at mooney

From: Joe Tang

Sorry for having to hang around this morning for me. I'll make sure I sleep with all my riding gear on next time.

Had a truly epic adventure with leaving my shoes at home, turning around to get them, heading off again, taking the correct exit off the f3 but then getting very very lost after that.

What I discovered about an hour later and about a dozen u turns is that there are two peats ridge exits.

This confused a simple minded soul such as me.

Anyway three hours of driving later I'm home and the bike is untouched. I'm off to buy a street directory!

Full set of photos and videos here. Some samples below, including this movie of Brian 'making' the famed creek crossing (although your editor confesses to liking this one much better)... (caution, large (8MB) files).

Here is the GPS track set up to load in Google Maps, and if you want the Google Earth version I assume you can use the same link and will know how to (let me know if you can't!).

The team (Ed, Brian, Richard, Rees and Doug):

And, clearly 'helping' Richard with a broken chain:

Sunday 8 October 2006

Sunday 8 October 2006 - Forestville

Ah, Rees - where are you with your Ride Reports - c'mon man!!!

[This was a quick Doug and Rees ride, with everyone else out and about - what is the world coming to, eh?]

Photos and track are here. No google maps...

Doug and Rees trying to look cute:

Sunday 1 October 2006

Sunday 1 October 2006 - Lindfield (to Manly Dam and back)

Waiting for a ride report from Rees - for those that think three weeks is enough time, feel free to drop him an appropriate note at!

[ride from Tryon Road tennis courts, via Roseville Bridge, the Old Folks Home, over to Manly Dam and back]

Full set of photos here. Some samples below...

Here is the GPS track set up to load in Google Maps, and here is the .kmz file for Google Earth.

The team (Whisperer, T-Bone, Doug, Rees, Brian, Ed), and another version without Doug:

The assault on the Manly Dam rocks:

And the track: