Sunday 3 November 2013

3 November 2013 - Manly Dam

A veritable cast of thousands turned up for a ride very early on Sunday morning, all so Toby could get home before wife and child woke up the rest of the neighbourhood... (!)

Simon, Toby and Stephe were joined by Dave and Steve at 6.02am, to head off to the Dam.  When we arrived, we collected Waxhead and Bob from Accounts and to complete the set, were joined by Scott (the legend).  Making a pretty serious crew.

We did a bit of trackside maintenance (well, we all watched Scott fix everyone's bike...), and then headed off.  Given the grumbling heading up the road to the school, it was pretty clear that no world records were under threat.

The weather promised a fearsomely hot day, but it was still pretty much perfect conditions at that time of the morning, so there was no complaining about the weather.  After the slowest lap in history, Toby had to get home which also saw the end of Bob, Waxhead and Scott, but Simon, Dave, Steve and Stephe struck out for another lap, and sadly demonstrated they could go no faster...  lucky none of us are easily embarrassed!

Not too many injuries, and much fun...

Some snaps - with the full set of photos up here:

Toby and Waxhead being put off by some of the traffic already doing circuits...

Scott looking hot, Dave looking cool...

Everyone having a shot at the rocks (with varying degrees of success, once the camera was away!):

And, for those that can't believe we had that much fun, while travelling that slowly...  a strava version of the journey can be found here.