Sunday, 18 December 2005

Sunday 18 December – Forestville / Manly Dam (anyone see a pattern here??)

Struth, we did it again. The excuse for this week was the holiday season meant that folks needed to be home early. We did have the advantage of Tom Burton’s company for the first time, which was a Good Thing (riding a borrowed bike that he first got on at 6.32am, with bear trap pedals; Tom proved that basic skills can get you a long way).

In any case, not much to report (and no photos). At least Doug got the log of the track (including a new view, together with the satellite and contour map!).

Lots to be investigated on this ride for future reference (including the drop into Bantry Bay, and the numerous drops into – rather than *around* - the valleys…).

Saturday, 10 December 2005

Sunday 11 December – Forestville / Manly Dam

When you’re on a good thing, as they say! Back to the Forestville / Manly Dam loop, with a couple of laps of the dam to make it worthwhile. The day turned out to be perfect for mountain biking, with just a trace of cooling drizzle whenever it got too hot, but not enough to create that sandpaper like wet sand. There were around 2,000 bikes out today, including some genuine hero types, but lots of folk just having a good time. Was good to see.
Rees had *not* had a big night, but was still completely buggered – so there you have it, there’s simply no point in being good, eh!

Brian was riding moderately well, but was put to shame at all the relevant points (although, to be fair, he did manage a nice climb up on to picnic rock at Manly Dam under a bit of passing peer pressure).

Again, very limited photos here. Perhaps next week, we’ll get back into the photo taking gig!

Sunday, 4 December 2005

Sunday 4 December – Forestville / Manly Dam

In the absence of Brian and Stephe, the lads did a short one. To quote Doug:

It was pleasant with perfect conditions and extremely colourful due to the beautiful sunshine (as you can see from the photos). Rees fell TWICE, the only two falls that I can remember...apparently both caused by me (I promise never again to shout warnings or give advice about the best line)...

I had some trouble with my shocks which Whisperer managed to temporarily repair without actually doing anything except touch the bike (we should send him off for medical experiments) guys really did miss a good one...bit short tho.

The search for a decent bike shop continues. Still hoping the Bike Shop at the top of Roseville Bridge turns out OK, and Doug has had some good luck with Renegade in Lane Cove – but they all keep doing dodgy things. Thoughts and feedback welcome.

Very limited photos here, a couple of them below.