Sunday, 29 October 2006

Sunday 29 October 2006 - Bulli

[ed: waiting for a ride report from these slackers is as pointless as... (insert something really pointless here). Looks like Rees, T-Bone and Doug managed to get out for a ride to Bulli, although they missed the downhill run with all the 'hucks'??? ]

T-Bone's comments:

Rees was right...

On our ride at Brokers [ed: assume he means Bulli?] on Sunday there was all these pink pieces of tape around the trees. He said "why dont we follow the pink ribbons?"

I just found out it's a new DH track that runs right from the top of the mountain. Apparently there are some hucks that are 8 foot tall! I won't be doing those but the track is meant to be a really good ride. We rode sections of the new track but it starts on the opposite side of the mountain. I'll try to find someone with a GPS.

Photos here, including a number of videos..., and here are a couple of samples:

Doug, Rees, T-Bone:

Action shots (!):


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