Sunday 24 September 2006

Sunday 24 September - Mooney

Mooney Mooney how we love ya, uh huh.

After an interminable run of misfortune - broken bones, broken bikes – we were certainly due for a good, unadulterated outing and, true to form, Mooney did not let us down.

It was a day memorable in its uneventfulness. Doug, Rees and Brian (who ya gonna call?) set off on time, arriving under the bridge at 08.00. Unloaded the bikes to discover that all three were in good working order.

It was going to be a hot one, thank goodness for Mooney’s shady glades. Dour Doug’s dire bushfire warnings did nothing to dampen our enthusiasm – this was going to be a bloody good ride.

Smartass was a timely reminder that Mooney calls the shots, respect.

We each made a credible attempt at the challenging climb past the dam to the top, but couldn’t avoid the odd foot dab. With no hold ups or delays we got around Oranges and back to the tank for morning tea by 11.00.

We each took a tumble on the way down (Doug managed to launch himself over the handlebars from a standing start) but nothing serious.

Back to the cars by 12.00 noon then the scenic route home.

-- Brian

Full set of photos and videos here (including this long 'helmet cam' view of the drop back to the creek - caution 20Mb file). Some samples below...

Here is the GPS track set up to load in Google Maps, and here is the .kmz file for Google Earth.


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