Monday 10 July 2006

Sunday 9 July 2006 - Redhill and Oxford Falls

Again, with the planning for the weekend in tatters, it was a miracle that the boys organised a ride at all... Doug's thoughts reproduced below (Doug, Richard and Ed made it along):

I haven't prepared today's photos etc, it'll be a few days… there aren’t many anyway as the batteries ran out (whoops)…

The ride was really good... did it from beacon hill, highly recommended, don't know why we stopped doing that bit.. the playground at the top has been vastly improved, I reckon you could spend an hour there….

Richard and I had heaps of chain suck which took the gloss off the last bit… this link reckons it's the small chain ring, I'm going to get a new one.

Photos (such as they are) are here, some samples below (and there is also this cute video of Richard thinking that one day he'll be a rider again):


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