Sunday 2 July 2006

Sunday 2 July 2006 - Menai

A ride we hadn't done for a while, and perhaps the last out that way for a while.

The day started with Brian getting lost on the expressway (there's some argument that it was actually his navigators that got lost, but let's not quibble over that just now, eh), and Doug getting lost at the airport (which is harder to do, but there's no question that Rees' involvement there is significant!).

We then bumped into two locals meeting at the starting point (the school at Lucas Heights), and they invited us to join them in checking out 'their backyard'. Being the agreeable chaps we are, we joined them for what turned out to be a relatively aggressive take off, without the luxury of our usual very calm and slow warm up... Clearly, we were being 'blown off', and so we took the hint and went our separate ways.

After that, we tooled around Menai generally, finding some enjoyable little single trails here and there, but with more mucking about than normal, bumping into lots of people, going back over old ground a lot, and generally not really having a good time.

Initial highlights included both Brian and T-Bone engaging in silliness off a big rock, and some subsequent rock play was also mildly entertaining. We never really worked up a sweat on the rest of the ride, Rees was suffering back aches, and unfortunately, we seem to have lost some of the magic that was previously Menai!

Photos and stuff here, including some short videos, some of which are mildly amusing (I recommend this one (ignore the first bit!)), or these for the same view of T-Bone, Brian, and Stephe doing stuff that seemed scary at the time, but kinda doesn't look that way on the video(!) - some photo samples below:


At Tuesday, 04 July, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee guys, Ed and I are really sorry we missed this ride, not! There comes a time when a late decision to stay in bed is the right thing to do. Stephe, have I been taken off the list now? I did'nt see this update until Ed came and told me we missed a bad ride.

Oh well, glad I saved myself and my bike for something better. Hope you are well, see you next week.



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