Sunday 18 June 2006

Sunday 18 June (afternoon) - Oxford Falls / Deep Creek

For those unlucky enough not to be able to get out in the morning, but not still burdened by oppressive work obligations (sorry Brian), there was *yet another* trip to Redhill and Oxford Falls in the afternoon on Sunday.

Whisperer and Stephe met at Morgan Road at 2.15pm -which seemed to be a popular idea, given that there were about 50 bikes there in total when we arrived!

We rolled down the hill to Lizard Rock and rode through the playground to the car park at the bottom of the hill. Although I confess that we didn't do the big jump, there are a couple of other sections in there that still caused us some tension! A great little blast to start the ride off...

We then rode back up the singles track to the main road to the Aerodrome (yet again failing to climb the small rock ledge in the first third of the track, ah well!), and then across the cross country track to the Road to Nowhere. Great, good clean riding fun.

We then took on the drop into Deep Creek from the Road to Nowhere, with spectacular results - including, Stephe is pleased to say, completing the final drop into the creek with appropriate poise and elegance! Fantastic. Again!

Feeling adventurous, we climbed out of Deep Creek (a good ride, that we'd never attempted before) and took the sandy firetrail up the big hills to the top of the chute that leads back to Wakehurst Parkway. Although there were a couple of dabs on the way down, it's fair to say that we thought the chute was nowhere near as scary as it appeared to be last time we dropped down it...? Perhaps that's the "Deep Creek drop" effect kicking in!

We then blasted back back along Deep Creek the 'wrong' way (in time to see a couple of downhill lads also just finishing their way down the northern drop), and then back up onto the firetrail, up Little Moab to the moon rock area, and back to the cars at the top of Morgan Road.

Another short one (16kms) but very much worth the visit.

Tragically, again, in the absence of Doug no photos and no GPS...


At Sunday, 18 June, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Wilks - you should probably sinct your days with your dates, or is life more fun this way??

At Tuesday, 27 June, 2006, Blogger Stephe Wilks said...

Thanks, anonymous - now fixed!


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