Sunday, 7 May 2006

Sunday 7 May – Menai

Menai is great!

We arrived on time at around 7.15am, although Paul managed to get lost on the way, and didn’t turn up for a further ten minutes or so… But at least that gave us all time to get our bikes into the right shape for the ride. We (Doug, Rees, Brian, Paul and Stephe) set off on a fairly cool morning, with a slow warm up in mind. The track was *very* sandy, much more than on any of our previous visits – and was probably the only draw back of the day (lots of deep sand grinding, with uncontrolled slides etc!).

We did some great singles track, played around on some rocks (Paul coming into his own on each occasion that danger presented itself!), and discovered that someone had pulled apart the playground that we had seen on our last visit. We fear the reason behind pulling it apart – hopefully, not a significant injury. Also saw lots of motorcycles out today – always polite and careful of us non-powered folk, but occasionally a bit loud!

In any case, pretty soon into the ride proper – again, lots of good single track, and then out on to the fire trails. Although they were ok to ride along (some very steep bits, and *lots* of sand making it a bit hard), it was fun to get back off on to the single track. Found an entirely new section of track which looks like it will be worth re-visiting regularly and generally had a very good time. Along the way, we also found a very steep rock face to climb up, which Brian made 9,675 attempts at – finally, as dusk was beginning to fall getting up without falling off!

Turned out to actually be a fairly long ride – but much fun was had by all. Photos, track etc, here, some highlights below:


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