Sunday, 23 April 2006

Saturday 22 – Sunday 23 April - Newnes

Another variation on the standard theme, when Brian, Rees and Stephe took their young ‘uns (Joe, Alex and Cooper) off for a camping weekend at Newnes.

Some superb riding from the young fellas, and a fortunate finding of some spare bike parts from fellow campers, meant that we rode the Newnes camping ground to Glow worm cave track south, and the old railroad track north on Friday and Sunday respectively, with some general mucking about on Saturday.

The Glow worm cave track was about 15 kilometres climbing up the old rail line to the cave, with a large part of the track along the very edge of a fairly steep slope down to the creek. It proved to be very challenging and time consuming, and as darkness fell at our destination, we decided it would be wiser to return on the general access road (rather than riding along the edge of a cliff in the dark!).

The ride on Sunday was equally good, with a beautiful stroll along the side of the Newnes River (?), and a couple of steep up and down hills thrown in for good measure.

[Not sure what the others did while we were away...]


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