Saturday, 1 April 2006

Saturday 1 April – Aerodrome Tracks

Following a late invitation from Ryan and the NobMob boys, Rees and Stephe joined a very civilised ride around the Aerodrome tracks and Redhill starting at Morgans Rd at 8.30am (how good is that for a start time!). We met a bunch of new good folk (there were about 15 people there at one stage - hopefully, we can induce some of them to join us occasionally as well), and enjoyed the quality riding that is Oxford Falls and Redhill.
A good run out to “moon rocks” (assuming that’s what you call the bit off to the left at the top of the Aerodrome Track), followed by the drop to the bottom of the Aerodrome, then a climb from the creek up the dirt road, back down Little Moab, dropped into Deep Creek (which was a blast), and then decided to try on a shortish Redhill ride – which, of course, turned out to take much more time than we had originally anticipated… The challenge with starting late became apparent as we all rushed for the cars at the end of the ride to get home to our various domestic duties without incurring the wrath of those left at home to take up the slack!

Tragically, no photos or GPS (you just don’t know how much fun those bits are, until you miss them!).


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