Sunday, 26 March 2006

Sunday 26 March – Aerodrome Tracks

Well, we missed out a Sunday ride last week, and then no-one managed to get organised for a short Saturday ride this week, and come Sunday we had a bunch of folk bail out between 10pm and Midnight on Saturday. But, the good news is that it was their bad luck – we only had time for a short one, but conditions were pretty good, and we extracted good value from the good old faithful Aerodrome Tracks.

The satellite photo shows the meanderings quite well, and it was a good opportunity to introduce Jennie to Oxford Falls (long may she avoid Manly Dam now!). Doug was feeling ‘off form’ but still managed to look the part – although wherever there was a foolish mistake his self admonitions carried very loudly to those of us behind…

The day was otherwise uneventful until the final drop down the singles track to the car park at the bottom of Morgan’s Road, when Stephe managed a miraculous escape from an over the handlebars excursion, then tempted fate by going back and doing it again – this time even less successfully. So, a sad and sorry ride home with a bent hanger and lots of blood – but otherwise the ride was a short but sweet goodie.

Photos up here, with some highlights below:


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