Sunday, 25 September 2011

25 September 2011 - Old Great North Road - Whisperer's farewell ride

Whisperer's farewell ride was going to be huge, but the weather had other ideas...

It was cold, sad and miserable.

We almost pulled the pin before we got started (having adjourned to a local coffee spot following the abandonment of the initial start), but some quick Doug pep-talking managed to get the crew into a better state of mind, and we returned to kick off.

Whisperer, Stephe, [Pete?], Dylan, Brian and Donal (not in photo) and Doug (not in photo) headed off.

Got very wet.

Retired halfway (with at least the partial excuse that we broke Brian's bike)...

At least we had fun!

Full set of photos here.  And track (such as it was) here.


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