Sunday, 17 April 2011

17 April 2011 - Old Great North Road

Ah, we went back to the spiritual home of mountain bike riding, and the weather gods were good to us (as always). No rain, but there was lots of water about.

Doug, Matt, Brian, Joe and Stephe started off around 7.40am at Mangrove Mountain, and then kicked off. Some of the 'older' folk were assuming Joe would find the going tough at some point, and planned around having a break sooner rather than later. Turns out that Joe was the only one that was fresh as a daisy at the end... with Stephe definitely bringing up the rear, with a sad and slow ride up the last 500m hill...

In any case, limited photos until we got to Devine's Hill for a break:

Doug's bike during ride, and at the end (ooops, wasn't supposed to get any dirt on it(!)):

Some riding snaps:

And, Joe in particular:

Full set of photos here... and our .kmz track here.

Doug also took some great video, but it's huuuuge, so not yet entirely certain how to put it all up, but one excerpt of our final leg home loaded on to YouTube here:


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