Sunday, 28 November 2010

28 November 2010 - Old Great North Road

It continues to amaze, how you can turn up to an Old North Road ride and re-discover what an excellent place it is each time. Surely, eventually, the message will stick, and we'll simply ride here every weekend!

Paul R joined Akis (yes, he's back!), Mark S, John S, Whisperer, Peter and Stephe at the Mangrove Mountain entrance to the ride at 7.45am.

Group photo of the gang - from left to right - Mark S, John S, Stephe, Peter, Akis, Paul R (Whisperer taking the photo):

Weather was perfect - slightly overcast, but spots of blue sky, and just the right amount of spitting rain occasionally along the ride when we needed to be cooled down.

Much amusement along the way, some reasonable pace at points (Paul R did get 'out of the gate' aggressively, and was probably regretting that on the way home, although did his best not to show it). Fair to say that the slog up the bitumen road to the cars at the end seemed a long one to a few of us...

We also tried our skills at climbing up a *massive* rock wall - about 5-25m in vertical climb, honest injun - although, peculiarly, in this video it looks somewhat more tame... (and, yes, we really did make that many lame attempts... ah well!):

And, while I'm on an embedding roll... here is Whisperer's garmin page of the ride:

A couple of additional photos here.

All in all, a fantastic day out, may there be very many more in the future!


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