Friday 16 July 2010

Friday 16 July 2010 - The Oaks

A little social ride down the Oaks trail, with Margie, Ruby, Grace, Cooper, Ethan and Stephe.

Was much fun, and very impressive work from the younger members of the tribe (perhaps, even, some credit to the 'less young' members of the tribe who were not mountain bike regulars, eh!).

The best news of the day was, once safely back at the cars after the big climb into Glenbrook National Park entrance (up from the causeway), the younger folk were heard to suggest that it had been 'unreal' and they would one day come back.

The negative news of the day is that Stephe has still not learned that stopping by the Glenbrook Bakery and eating the big cream bun and milkshake etc never really lives up to prior expectation, and the ingested calories are approximately 18x the number burnt off in the previous effort... ah well.

No photos, no track (slack, eh!)


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